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Technical Project Manager

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Salary: DOE / Competitive



The Technical Project Manager(TPM) provides planning, management, oversight, and communication, both internal and external (client facing) for custom development projects using Agile methodology. The primary objectives for the TPM are in-depth management of multiple projects throughout the entire project lifecycle (discovery, planning, development, QA, delivery), facilitating adherence to and understanding of Agile methodology by developers and clients, handling and coordinating client communications, and creating/updating internal project documentation. The TPM serves as the primary point of contact for clients, responds to questions and concerns, receives and evaluates change requests, and ensures proper change request procedure is followed. The TPM is also responsible for updating various internal departments on project status as needed. This position requires significant multitasking, strong communication ability, and extensive organization & documentation skills.


Core Position Responsibilities

  • Manage 8-10 projects  varying substantially in size, requirements, team count, stage of project lifecycle, and communication need.
  • Guide projects throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Advocate Agile usage both internally and to potential and current clients.
  • Drive Agile methodology through sprints, scrums, standups, task boards, stories and burndowns.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for client communication.
  • Document all communication, requirements, project progress, overages and change requests for each project.
  • Reviewing all project communication for each active project, following up on developer task completion.
  • Escalating any projects that are not meeting or exceeding the client's expectations. This involves reviewing communication to ensure the client is and has been getting a confirmation from our team within a few hours of any communication, following-up to show progress to the client as well as setting and proactively managing reasonable client expectations.
  • Organize both internal and client involved meetings. This requires personal and team time management, prioritization, and project triage skills to ensure no conflicts with team member's schedules and avoiding disruptive scheduling(e.g. scheduling two important meetings that require significant preparation for the same morning.) This also involves consideration for client schedules and internal progress on deliverables.
  • Monitor project alignment to projected timeline.
  • Ensure documentation of design approval, go-live approval, time line adjustments and other key requests for approval of significant impact on the project or project completion.
  • Reviewing workload assigned and development team member's expected tasks and hours required on a weekly basis to inform recruiting and sales priorities.
  • Supervising and contributing to the QA process. Helping to audit a site for basic functionality, creating tasks from bug reports, and ensuring team members complete those tasks as assigned.


Operational and Administrative Responsibilities

  • Completing or exceeding billable hours requirement weekly (typically at least 35 hours of billable work a week).
  • Meeting with the development team in weekly project management meetings and summarizing via e-mail.
  • Assisting with various operational and administrative tasks as needed.


Preferred Qualifications

  • 2+ years experience in Project Management managing multiple projects involving 2+ developers
  • Experience driving or facilitating Agile methodology with emphasis on scrum
  • 5+ years combined experience in back-end or full stack development
  • 2+ years experience with .NET and C#
  • Experience with JIRA, Basecamp, and Lighthouse
  • Experience in an agency/billing model company


Minimum Qualifications

  • Awareness and understanding of the Agile development process
  • 3+ years in software development
  • 2+ years exposed to Project Management processes
  • Extensive knowledge of Office-like products



Health Insurance,  Paid Time Off, Leadership Opportunities, Positive and Educational Work Environment, Ongoing Training, Rapid Growth, Client Facing Experience, Weekly Team Breakfast.

How to Apply

Email cover letter and resume to [email protected].