Customer Specific Pricing

Improve Conversion Rates, Increase Sales and Close Deals



The ability to offer customized price sheets to customers segmented into varying groupings can be a powerful sales and marketing tool for enterprise eCommerce websites. Clarity's eCommerce platform offers unlimited prospect segmentation for different pricing levels based on industry, location, referral source, individual profiles and more! Additionally, you can reward customers who refer new business to you, offer discounts based on quantity of purchase, offer unique credit limits, and specialized terms.


  • Incentivize Business Referrals:

    customer specific e-commerce pricing to increase referrals | ClarityFor many businesses, referrals are one of the most lucrative sources of new customers. A custom client grouping with exclusive discounts can be a powerful way to leverage your current customers to acquire new prospects.

    Furthermore, these types of prospects begin a relationship with your enterprise eCommerce website with an inherent degree of trust. Clarity's customizable eCommerce solution allows you to easily integrate these types of referral strategies into your customer acquisition strategies.
  • Increase eCommerce Sales with Group Pricing Levels and Categories:

    group pricing levels for e-commerce websites | ClarityThe bulwark of effective advertising strategy is based on market segmentation that allows you to custom tailor messages for specific groups. ECommerce platforms with custom groupings allow your organization to populate your offers and pricing schemes based on target audiences in order to improve sales and conversion rates.

    Additionally, your online business can test the effectiveness of various advertisements and offers by splitting consumers into two groups and testing your base offer against a litany of variable offers to see which works best.
  • Close Deals with Individualized eCommerce Customer Profiles:

    individualized b2b e-commerce customer pricing developemnt | ClarityCustomer specific eCommerce website pricing is a solid way to give your sales team the boost they need to close deals.

    Pricing levels allow your representatives to sweeten deals with unique terms, specialized discounts, enticing credit limits and more. When your enterprise eCommerce website can offer a plethora of unique payment scenarios to prospects, it's easy to find a win-win middle ground that builds working relationships.