Clarity eCommerce Shipping Integrations

A Robust, Efficient eCommerce Shipping Solution

shipping integrations for eCommerce applications

After more than 10 years of building eCommerce website shipping integrations, Clarity eCommerce offers a vast repertoire of over 250 shipping integrations for your eCommerce website. Clarity's eCommerce shipping solution has the capacity to accommodate over 200 countries and currencies. Additionally, our platform allows for integration with dozens of LTL carriers as well as shipping or freight companies anywhere in the world.

At Clarity, we believe that the complications of shipping should be turned into an automated process that boosts your bottom line and gives your organization a competitive advantage. Furthermore, Clarity's shipping solution requires no software installation and features automatic upgrades to tackle problems before they ever arise.


Extended eCommerce Shipping Functionality

Clarity's shipping solutions and integrations offer real-time shipment tracking, tight integration with shipment label printing, and automated tracking number generation.

Our solution also touts the ability to dynamically tie tracking data into ERP, CRM and other line of business applications. This enables you to perform a variety of business critical functions including the ability to ensure that internal processing costs are covered. Furthermore, you can calculate the precise cost associated with using a variety of different carriers.

Perhaps most importantly, the Clarity eCommerce platform allows for the real-time calculation of total shipping costs to reduce customer purchase process friction through immediate transparency. Real-time tracking options reduce the apprehension during the purchase to delivery period for your customers, encouraging repeat business.

Clarity eCommerce Shipping Integration Key Features
  • Drive Customer Happiness through self serve options
  • Complete eCommerce Site Integration
  • Seamless Fulfillment Process
  • Order Status Transparency
  • Extended Functionality

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Featured eCommerce Shipping Integrations

FedEx eCommerce Shipping Integration: Because 30% of all shipments in the United States move through FedEx, this integration is critical for expediting product shipments, a market in which FedEx holds a significant lead in global market share. Clarity's solution offers tight integration with FedEx APIs in order to improve efficiency through automation and the elimination of redundant manual tasks.

UPS eCommerce Shipping Integration: Over half of shipments in the U.S. alone go through UPS, making this integration business critical for any serious eCommerce organization. Clarity's solution with UPS reduces shipping errors, improves customer satisfaction, and gives your online store access to a global audience consisting of over 100+ countries.

USPS eCommerce Shipping Integration: While only 13% of U.S. shipments move through USPS, it can still be an easy value added option and even business critical depending on your business model. Clarity's eCommerce platform integrates seamlessly with USPS and Endicia shipment APIs and reduces time spend on manual workflows.

DHL eCommerce Shipping Integration: With Clarity's powerful integration with DHL APIs, you get a complete solution that delivers real-time shipping rates at checkout as well as during internal administration.

With over 250 shipping integrations ready to go, these featured eCommerce shipping options are only the tip of the iceberg. If you have more questions about Clarity's eCommerce platform or are considering shipping integrations for your eCommerce website, please don't hesitate to contact a representative right now!