Dynamics AX eCommerce Integration

Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce Solutions with Integration

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful solution that manages and automates front-end business processes (operational and administrative). It comes geo-targeted out of the box to 36 countries, and has the ability to manage the front office of many different types of businesses, from small to very large. This can be extremely helpful to any business offering online eCommerce as an integration will keep all data up-to-date and in the right place, at the right time. Dynamic AX's core ERP functionality contributes to many facets of a business, many of which you can see below.


Areas of Capability for Dynamics AX

  • Financial & Account management
  • Human Capital management
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Project Management 
  • Supply Chain management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Retail Sales
  • Product & Inventory Management

About Clarity

  • 650+ clients and 1,300+ projects completed
  • Working with SMB to Fortune 500s since 2006
  • Microsoft Certified Dynamices Partner
  • 350+ years of combined development experience
  • All development in Austin, TX (no outsourcing)
  • Full Design & Branding Department
  • eCommerce & integration specialists


Security is always a major concern for two-way (bi-directional) integrations. eCommerce platforms and public facing storefronts typically have complex security constraints. Clarity has developed a middle ware integration layer called Clarity Connect, that allows customers to securely push data from AX to the Clarity Connect middleware that interfaces with Dynamics AX and eCommerce APIs. This allows data to go securely past the company firewalls, and isolate the data that needs to be sent and received from the public facing storefront. Clarity Connect dramatically reduces the surface area for a potential security issue and creates an intermediate clearinghouse, confirming data is securely pushed and pulled between the internal ERP platform and the external eCommerce storefront.


Dynamics AX instances are usually secure and housed in a different physical location than the public facing website, usually on premises, behind a firewall. Without a middle ware layer, this would potentially cause major lags in data load times and other performance metrics. Clarity Connect enables a rapid load time and intelligent refreshing of the externally facing data to reflect internal updates in real time. By effectively pushing updates on a real-time basis, details that would otherwise take minutes to load on the site now load within milliseconds as they're cached on the external interface. In addition, specific customer data that needs to be pulled from the ERP system in real-time is pulled in dynamically using AJAX loading techniques to dramatically improve performance.

Shipping and Freight

Due to the nature of Clarity's past projects, we have extensive experience with not just the standard UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and other standard carrier integrations for shipping costs and package tracking and returns but we also specialize in helping setup and configure the pick list and label printing, scanning and implementation of the physical packing stations and picking process to improve internal workflows as well. In addition to being able to provide support for the actual sales orders management and processing for different carriers, we also specialize in working with LTL freight carriers to automate the quotes, pricing, bill of lading setup and processing, obtaining customer specific pricing, and dynamically providing freight quotes and shipment status.

Taxes, Customs and Duties

Many companies operate abroad or globally, but few currently operate with fully automated business processes for their international transactions. Clarity typically delivers domestic taxes and integration with internal ERP tax tables, custom tax tables, and setting up external API integration but also offers extensive specialization to handle international taxes, customs and duties as well. Specifically, Clarity delivers customs and duties integration to dynamically pull this information from the ERP platform or enable third party integration for this component as well to pull the most up to date customs, VAT taxes and duties data in real-time for global payments and ordering.

Quotes and Workflows

Many business find their business processes run smoother with a streamlined and automated interaction to facilitate the processes. Clarity Connect is able to pull in the Dynamics AX sales order documents and help streamline the quoting workflow. From helping with notification e-mails and embedding quotes, Clarity's Dynamics AX Sales Documents integration directly pulls the quote status and allows the ERP system to trigger workflow logic. This reduces the chances of human error and greatly reduces the time to updates. Connect’s updates your ERP system seamlessly.

eCommerce Integration to Line of Business (LOB) Applications

Most mid-large sized businesses integrate several, if not dozens, of LOB applications to streamline their workflows. Some clients prefer a simple web interface for their sales team. This allows sales team members to focus just on their quotes and orders. In addition to Dynamics AX eCommerce integration, Clarity offers full customization capabilities to tightly integrate other LOB applications such as order fulfilment tools, support and ticketing tools, CRM and service tools, email and newsletter/marketing applications, etc.

Dynamics AX eCommerce Advantages

AX is a global software solution that is able to encompass a business's entire front-end operations as well as ERP functionality for financial and HR purposes. The insights gained from this Microsoft product are extremely helpful to the organization that values data and data-driven decisions. This functionality, when hooked up to live eCommerce data, can be even that much more powerful. It truly ties your entire business together online and provides an all-in-one solution for everyone involved in the operations of your business.

Custom Dynamics AX Integration

Clarity knows that while Dynamics AX might be great out of the box, it still needs to fit your custom needs and is only as good as the data that's fed to it. Most businesses have unique workflows and KPIs that need to be accounted for. This is why custom integration is necessary. Clarity's developers are ready to tailor your Dynamics AX Custom eCommerce integration in whatever way your business sees fit. Clarity also offers a free phone consultation from our experts in order to discuss your company's specific needs and how they can be addressed. We offer a free quote on your project if it makes sense given your situation. To take advantage of this free consultation you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page or you can call us directly.