Reporting, Business Intelligence, and Comprehensive Admin

Business Intelligence

No matter what aspect of your business you need to explore, Clarity eCommerce™ has you covered for business intelligence. Our platform includes wide-ranging options for data mining, making it easy to comb through large volumes of raw data and transform them into relevant information for analysis. Clarity eCommerce™ allows your business to uncover the full value of available data so that you can make intelligent, growth-promoting decisions for the future.

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When it comes to reporting, customization and ease of use are paramount. That’s why Clarity eCommerce™ ships with advanced reporting functions so you can build reports based on your business’s unique needs. With Clarity eCommerce™, you can place complete, clear information at the center of strategy creation.

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Comprehensive Admin

Clarity puts you in control. Cutting-edge admin functions in our eCommerce™ software give you direct, secure access to your eCommerce implementation at the click of a button. Clarity eCommerce™ also has the capability to provide different levels of administrative authority to different site managers. Our tools allow you to update quickly and easily, so your integration can grow with your company.

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