Get Out of The Way

If They Make a Move to Checkout, Don't Stop Them


Clarity eCommerce makes checkout fast and easy


Walk Them Right On Through

  • Clarity eCommerce | PCI DSS compliant checkout processHave one big clear call to action to start the process
  • Clear progress indicators (Step 1 – Billing & Shipping Address, Step 2 – Payment info, Step 3 – Confirm & complete purchase)
  • Do not distract with options (the time to upsell is on the product page)
  • Allow guest checkout
  • Provide free shipping
  • Have multiple payment options (explanations – CCV)
  • Allow them to order out-of-stock items
  • Make it easy to contact you (800 number, live chat, etc.)
  • Address concerns (display PCI compliance, security verification, FAQs)



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