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Clarity helps your products sell themselves | improve sales


Does the Product Really Work?


Clarity eCommerce client testimonialsJust like people like to window shop, so do online users. They want to see pictures and videos of what they’re going to buy. They want to read reviews and other people’s comments (from people they don’t even know but somehow trust). They want to see someone using or reviewing the product. That’s the world we live in.


Mom, Can I Have Some Gum?


Clarity eCommerce solutions for related similar product upsellsSo how can you help buyers find other products, accessories, promotions, items you’re pushing while they shop? It’s not like Wal-Mart where you stick the chewing gum at the checkout registers. It needs to be naturally integrated into the shopping experience. The items must be related to the product. If it’s an accessory, it needs to be 60% less expensive than the item itself. You can show bundled discounts like Amazon too. It's called eCommerce marketing.


Boost Sales Through Relevancy


Clarity eCommerce | people buy similar itemsWant to really boost your eCommerce sales? Make it more intelligent than simply “related items” or “others also bought” items and accessories. Consider this scenario. Joe visits He spends more time viewing hand tools than power tools, lumber, lighting or anything else on the site, so the website starts to learn his behavior and begins to show him ads and specials on hand tools while he shops. The site then serves up a new hand tool promotion on the home page the next time he visits, and finally, after he checks out, emails him a thank you coupon for 10% off all online hand tool purchases during his next visit. Not only is this scenario real, it is part of the behavioral intelligence Clarity can add to your cart.



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