Shipping, Tax, & International
Tax Support

For NADA, offering accurate information on used cars in all fifty states is what they do. So when NADA needed a platform that could give precise tax information in more than 10,000 taxing jurisdictions in the US, Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™ and Avalara AvaTax integration is the platform they knew they could count on. So if tax calculation is something your business needs, you can trust Clarity eCommerce™ to get it right.

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Shipping Support

For Brick Packaging, shipping makes or breaks their business. So when Brick needed to integrate a variety of shipping options including UPS, FedEx, DayTon Freight, ABF, YRC, R&L, Conway, and Super Regional, Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™ was the platform they knew could handle such an integral part of their business. However much your business depends on shipping, you can rest assured knowing Clarity eCommerce™ is the platform of choice for the businesses that depend completely on shipping.

International Implementation

When a multinational medical company like LDR needed multiple international websites not only for different languages, but different medical requirements per country, they put their trust in Clarity eCommerce™ and the robust international options to fit any part of a business. If an international reach is part of your current or upcoming business plan, Clarity eCommerce™ can help.

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