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Your product catalog is the backbone of your business, and Clarity eCommerce puts no limitations on what can be done. The system is designed to handle unlimited SKUs, a capability you might be surprised to find that no many platforms have. Adding and managing products in Clarity eCommerce is simple; you can import from an existing database or through an integration with a back office system like your ERP. Manually adding products is done through a simple UI that allows you to add the product, enter all relevant information (including SEO rich content) and upload product images all from one page.

Product Inventory

Integrated inventory management solutions can be really critical for eCommerce implementations, especially in B2B instances where customers commonly order in large quantities. If a customer places an order and you don't have the inventory, that is likely to be the last time they purchase from you online. Product pages can be displayed dynamically based on availability, and if you have multiple warehouses you can even allow the customer to choose which to buy from for more efficient shipping.


Product Variations

Clarity does not limit the number of unique attributes that can be applied to a product. That means that your customers can configure their purchases to their exact needs directly from the product page without any need for your sales team to get involved. Clarity can even dynamically create new SKUs based on the unique configuration of attributes selected. In platforms that limit SKUs and attributes, customers may end up ordering items that are not to their specifications, which increases returns and decreases customer retention. Assigning specific SKUs to product variations also helps insure accurate inventory counts.



If you have specific needs for your products, Clarity is happy to build them out for you. Our platform's features are modular and meant to be complemented with custom development. We'd love to hear what your project requires!

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