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The Need to Buy It Online


Clarity eCommerce | cart checkout nowGoogle, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and many more sites have made it extremely easy to search and find information about anything online, and in a few seconds. Along with that value (which has helped my kids with their homework), it also turned an already “I want it now” generation, into a shopping couch potato generation. My family never goes shopping just to look anymore. Food, clothes, appliances, furniture, movies and even cars are now carefully and thoroughly researched and reviewed online before we ever make the purchase. This has been going on for almost five years, but the thing that’s really changed the last couple of years, is that now we’re not ever leaving the house to make those purchases. And it’s not just my family. Studies show a sharp increase in online versus store purchases, directly affecting the brick and mortar businesses, giving you an opportunity to cash in.


Did You Bet on Blockbuster?


Clarity eCommerce | all in one eCommerce solutionSo unless you want to run the risk of becoming a Blockbuster after Netflix launched, you need to embrace the trends and use the latest in technology to continue to grow, be competitive and increase your online business. That’s what Clarity does everyday for hundreds of clients. The power of an online Clarity eCommerce solution is not just taking your products from your store and placing them in an online product catalog for people to buy, it’s taking all your marketing, sales, fulfillment, returns and customer service processes and integrating them all into one seamless solution.


eCommerce - The Business Intelligence Goldmine


Clarity eCommerce | back-end reportingFinally, the icing on the cake is that as one solution, you can report on everything! The eCommerce platform now becomes an SEO gold mine driving traffic to the store where yes, we can finally tie an organic click-through to purchase. We have all the geo location information to project regional sales. We know which of our vendors, in which regions are performing best. Depending on what information we collect on our buyers, since it’s all in one system, we can now measure purchases, upsells and returns by age group, gender, etc.


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