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The Client

InduSoft approached Clarity in order to upgrade their website with a widely supported CMS with options for customization of its system and modules. The project would require new design, CMS implementation, CMS training, content migration, multilingual support, and more.


Existing Problems

Indusoft hosted its website on an old system with outdated code, which hindered the company's ability to market itself and its industry-leading solutions. Indusoft needed a cutting edge content management system with customizations to allow for multi-portal site with permissions for the different levels of users. The website also needed many other advanced features in order to host it's global presence of B2B solutions, handle thousands of documents across many languages.

Our Solutions

Clarity delivered a DotNetNuke (CMS) website with many customizations to fit the needs of this advanced software distributor. The site was designed with unique landing pages per industry to showcase industry solutions, cases studies, white papers, demos, and other industry specific calls-to-action. The design effectively displays to the end user InduSoft’s specialization to their industry by the use of a big, bold background imagery specific to the industry with a scrolling homepage (background stays fixed) so the content naturally flows as shown here. Clarity also integrated a system for creating, designing, categorizing, tagging, publishing, and displaying custom articles, news releases, and pages. The entire site is multilingual in English, Brazilian Portuguese, and German.

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The Benefits

The site ultimately improved InduSoft's global internet presence with robust company, product, and marketing content displayed in effective and dynamic ways. Multilingual capabilities allowed the company to host its content in different languages to accommodate its reach. The DotNetNuke content management system allowed InduSoft's team to make changes at any time, and also allowed for advanced dynamic display of its case studies and other marketing materials.




The site was built with the DNN (DotNetNuke) CMS, with ASP.Net and MSSQL 2008. It includes Telerik Controls which allows administrators to better control the ASP.Net site. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Modernizer, and others were used to build and enhance the design.

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