Sage is a multi-faceted software used by many different businesses. With the ability to function as ERP software, CRM software, and to manage accounting information, this software is full of possibilities. Sage has built its reputation by providing software solutions that offer a consistent experience for the users across the many different functionalities that the software enables. The possibilities that exist when Sage and eCommerce software are integrated are compelling.

Integrating Sage and eCommerce Platforms

Sage eCommerce IntegrationSage integration with an eCommerce platform means that the information gathered from the website can be instantly shared with the Sage software. Because this information is shared instantly and without any errors, every department that receives that information along the line can be certain that they are getting information that is accurate and that is the most current available. This makes the workflow much more efficient and productive.

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Technology and eCommerce Integration

When programmers integrate two different pieces of software, they have to make certain that security and reliability are properly taken into account at every step of the way. They also have to make certain that they are accommodating the solutions that the business they are working with needs to address their customer service and efficiency demands. Sage and eCommerce integration involves tying together databases and ensuring that the customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning elements of this powerful software both benefit from the integration.

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The Results

Sage and eCommerce integration can affect how a company does business at every level.

Sage eCommerce integration can affect how a company does business at every level. When a product listing is updated, every department will instantly be made aware of that change. When catalog information needs to be updated, there is no breakdown in communication between the various departments involved in the workflow. Payment and order information is instantly shared among departments, ensuring that orders are fulfilled in a timely fashion and that any problems with payment do not result in a delay in fulfilling the order and that customer contact is initiated right away.

Sage is powerful software, but eCommerce companies need it to do more than it does out-of-the-box. Integrating your customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning solutions with your eCommerce solution is an excellent way to make certain that you are getting the most out of all of the software that your business employs and improve your customer experience with an efficient and attentive company in which all of the various departments are provided with the most current information.

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