Mold Your Systems with Dynamics GP Customization

GP customizationMicrosoft Dynamics GP is an ERP software product from Microsoft that allows business-people across the world to organize the systems around their companies. Its versatility and feature set allows it to apply to businesses in almost every industry and niche.

Great Plains is powerful out-of-the-box, but most businesses need significant customizations in order for it to fit in "just right" to their highly customized business processes. No company operates exactly like another, and the same goes for instances of Dynamics GP. An ERP product like this one needs to be molded to a company's unique workflows, naming conventions, and department relationships.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Have your entire staff on a single software set
  • Increase productivity and efficiency across your company
  • Get data to the right people, at the right times for accurate decision making
  • Maximize value from all of your departments, 24/7
  • Robust Dynamics GP eCommerce Integrations

Clarity's Track Record

  • Working with Fortune 500s to startups since 2006
  • 650+ clients and 1,300+ projects completed
  • Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partner
  • Over 350 years of combined experience on our development staff

GP Customization Methodology

Although by nature customization is the act of making something unique, Clarity always follows a structured process to ensure our Clients experience maximum value from their Dynamics GP integration.

Initially, the Clarity team will go through a Discovery & Documentation process to fully map out the unique needs of a client, understand how they fit into the business requirements, and translate that into a technical game plan for GP customization. During the customization process Clarity and the Client team will collaborate using Clarity's project management tools in order to stay on the same page throughout, and ensure that the Clarity developers understand the Client's vantage point for the entirety of the project. At the end of this process, Clarity will provide the full details of the integration mappings and workflows in a "spec" document. This is the functional specification that the developers will use as their roadmap.

Microsoft Dynamics GP customization partner and consulting

Increased Efficiency for Your Business

For many of Clarity's Clients, our customization is focused around tailoring Great Plains to unique workflows (business processes) of the Client company. With this comes better employee work environments and therefore more efficiency across the workplace.

Whether your customization requires adding a few extra fields or a custom extension with .NET programming, let Clarity's experience help invest in your company's future success. Clarity offers a free phone consultation from our experts in order to discuss your company's needs and how they can be addressed, automated or improved. To take advantage of this free consultation you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page or you can give us a call.

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