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Microsoft Dynamics AX Ecommerce Integration on Your Site

Dynamics AX ERP by Microsoft is a great addition for eCommerce websites that already have applications for payments via credit card, shopping carts and product catalogs, or want to implement these online marketplace features. With modules already available to perform the major sales tasks for you, it’s easy to quickly enjoy a wide range of solutions that help enhance your customer communication and improve your business’s profit potential. With a Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce integration, you will find your business operating more smoothly and effectively.

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What Dynamics eCommerce Solutions Can Help You Achieve

Your business can handle multiple operations faster, more accurately and more easily with Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce integration. Your eCommerce site will take care of operations behind the scenes simply and also automatically. You can take away the strain on corporate office, warehouse and other logistic personnel by implementing a Dynamic eCommerce integrated platform, and be assured that those departments are able to run more smoothly and effectively. This gives you more time to focus on core business needs, like management, rather than logistics, and see how to succeed financially and improve customer relations. You can attend to the actual business and let the logistics operate automatically. The Dynamics eCommerce solutions are both affordable and can be customized to fit the needs of your business, your preferences and your budget. Based on the complexity of your firm, size and how things operate within your business, our team of Microsoft eCommerce integrators will provide your company with numerous options that will help your business perform better.



Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce Integration Makes Inventory Management Easy

A Microsoft Dynamics eCommerce solution simplifies the process of managing your inventory and making decisions regarding merchandise. With this trusted Microsoft solution, you can analyze how your store is performing and observe which products and services are popular compared to others. You can also make quick changes to accommodate the changing buying patterns among your customers. You can make adjustments to take care of their changing needs, as well as industry trends as a whole. This will help your online business stay up-to-date and appeal to potential clients. Choosing Clarity for eCommerce integration of Dynamics GP will also make it easier to create multi-channel operations. Now product orders and sales returns can be handled on any channel that you find suitable. You can also monitor the data on all these channels and make quick changes to accommodate your customer’s demands.

eCommerce Dashboard

eCommerce Dashboard

Better Customer Service with This Microsoft Dynamics eCommerce Solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce integration ensures faster customer service responses and better perception from prospective clients. Online websites integrated with Dynamics eCommerce typically perform faster check outs and have less troubleshooting involved. Your company will be able to handle complex operations such as offering specials and coupons. Your online store will also be user friendly so that customers find it simple to use and are lured in to continually shopping from your online business. For more info on Microsoft Dynamics AX with an eCommerce integration, check out the Dynamics AX Integration Resource Center.

In summary, the success of any online business depends on the operation of its website. Having a Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce integration ensures that your online business can enjoy many dramatic benefits. To contact Clarity about your interest in Microsoft Dynamics eCommerce integration, fill out this feedback form and we will have a sales associate contact you right away.

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When Horse Trailers needed to provide their overall and individual site managers with the data and control they needed, they turned to Clarity eCommerce™ for its best-in-class Admin functions. Clarity eCommerce™ makes sure you have direct control over all aspects of your eCommerce implementation at the click of the button.

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