Integrating Online Quote Request On Your Website

Online Quote Request ApplicationMany companies with an online presence that offer products or services have a need to provide their potential customers a way in which they can request a quote online. Over the last few years, customers have shown preference for the world of online shopping rather than the traditional shopping methods because of the several benefits it offers. One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is that it allows customers to get instant access to products or services of their choice. However, some businesses in their very nature, can only cater to the needs of their potential customers with the use of an online quote request application.


Customized Quote Request Applications Online

Each company has its own specific online presence needs and at Clarity, we understand this fact quite clearly. If your business offers complex or expensive products or services, your customers might be interested in an online application through which they can request quotes. Based on the needs of your company and your buyers, we can provide you with a customized quote request application online that perfectly suits your specifications. Our systems will allow your interested clients to request for quotes by selecting the product or service that they are interested in and either provide a customized calculation, or provide your sales team with their contact info via email or text message.


Online Applications for Quote Requests Provide for Better Client Communication

A major advantage of using an online application for quote requests on an eCcommerce website is that it will allow you to communicate well with your potential customers, especially if they are uncomfortable with picking up the phone themselves. Whether you are looking for a simple quote or a more complex one (involving multiple products and services), we can provide you with a solution that allows you to facilitate better customer communications.

Our solution also allows you to track your customers and your correspondences with them.

Our solution also allows you to track your customers and your correspondences with them so that you can maintain thorough records of quotes received and pending orders. There are many ways to keep track of this imformation such as implementing a Microsoft Customer Relationship Management System, or alternatively implementing a Clarity CRM. Both of these products will allow you to streamline the quote request process from initial interest to final purchase.


Advanced Features in Online Quote Request Applications

With our online Request for Quotes application, you can request many advanced features which will lead your company to better results. At Clarity, we can develop a system where the information obtained is filed into a database automatically upon receipt of an online quote request. This will cut down on request process time if you get many orders so that your staff members are able to dedicate their time to business processes that provide for better productivity and continuous revenues. Additionally, you can set-up a login feature where customers are able to check their status online and communicate directly to your staff members, reducing the time that your staff members spend on sometimes lengthy customer phone calls.