Product Catalog System Development

Product Catalog System DevelopmentOnline shopping has become an almost universal method of obtaining goods in our society. Today, most people prefer shopping for the things they need online; from perishables to pharmaceuticals almost all products are available from the comfort of your own home. From large players like eBay and Amazon to small home based online stores, many businesses want to have a piece of the internet buzz and want to enhance their online presence. Building an effective eCommerce website is the only way that many businesses can make their presence felt in their competitive market and continue to attract customers on a day to day basis. It's crucial for your eCommerce system to include helpful and effective systems like product catalog systems as well as shopping carts if you want to continually influence visitors to purchase your products.

Multi-Store System with Product Catalogs

With our multi-store system for product catalogs, you will be better equipped to easily manage several stores at once and create and update them quickly.

You will be better equipped to easily manage several stores at once and create and update them quickly.

Each store is enabled to share the same product catalog or can have different catalogs if that meets your business needs. You will have the option to have a different look for each store with interesting and appealing themes and templates. You will also have the option of mapping these stores to multiple or single URLs if you are trying to test which sites appeal to your customer base the best. The categories or departments for each product catalog can also be shared store-wide or be kept independent. You may also create promotions separately or together and have pricing options for each store or a combination of many. We will help you set-up and maintain your current customer accounts and profile settings according to your unique specifications.

Product and Services Catalog Systems that Meet Your Guidelines

At Clarity, our product and services catalog systems are modified and customized to suit your company’s specific needs. We tailor our systems so that they match your unique requirements for company branding and design. This will allow you to build an online store that matches the look of your existing company website or collateral material. We can also customize the layout of the store pages, so you aren’t stuck with just a template that fails to impress. If you want something fully customized (no template), we can design a customized product catalog that is suitable for both tangible products as well as intangible services. Click here to view an example of a recent site we implemented for Hippo Hopper, which includes a customized eCommerce catalog of products.

Unlimited Listings and Product Categories for Your eCommerce Online System

Our product catalog online system will give you the opportunity to add as many categories and products or services as you want. Using different categories and levels can make it easier for your customers to find the products that they want, increasing the chance of sales and customer loyalty. Products may also be added to more than one category and there are no restrictions on the number of categories.