PCI / DSS Compliance & Your eCommerce Solution

Keeping Your E-Commerce Site Safe and Secure

When you are beginning your own ecommerce business, the details can seem endless. Once you get one thing accomplished, there is always something else to be done. Security is something infinitely important to e-commerce websites, yet it is often overlooked.

Stories of large corporations getting hacked are fairly commonplace on the news. However, the vast majority of e commerce security breaches actually happen to relatively obscure medium and enterprise level businesses. It could happen to you, and if you're not prepared, it most assuredly will. Let's take a look at how to keep your organization's and your customer's data secure, starting with how to meet PCI DSS secure website standards.


Security Standards for Ecommerce Such as PCI/DSS

Your business is worthless if it doesn’t meet PCI/DSS security standards. These standards keep your information and just as importantly, your customers’ information, safe and secure. In today’s world, there are people who view it as a challenge to hack into a site and see what they can find. This can be catastrophic if it happens to your site. As an ecommerce business, the quality of your site is vital to the success of your business. You can have the best looking and easiest to use site around, but if it isn’t secure, no one will want to use it. With it becoming easier and easier to steal personal information, you need to be able to rest assured knowing that you and your customers’ information is safe from internet criminals. For more information on Clarity’s design and development work with Ecommerce websites, including security features, please see our page about Ecommerce Web Solutions.

Firewall Protection for Your Ecommerce Site

A quality firewall is one way in which you can keep your eCommerce site secure. Firewall protected eCommerce is vital not only to keep private information private, but also to prevent viruses from visiting and damaging your site. Once it was only possible to get a virus by visiting a corrupted site, however today they can be found anywhere and everywhere online. Every time you do anything online, from opening an email to visiting Facebook, you put your computer, server, and site at risk of becoming corrupted. A good firewall can prevent this from happening.


Clarity makes sure to meet and in some cases surpass PCI/DSS security standards.

If you can find one that comes backed with quality assistance, you are even better off. A company like Clarity will provide this assistance. They will not only help you with a top of the line firewall for your ecommerce site, they will also give you the support needed when you have questions. Just like every other aspect of owning and running your own business, security is something that is best left to the professionals. Clarity makes sure to meet and in some cases surpass PCI/DSS security standards. This means you go to sleep at night knowing that your site, your information, and your customers’ information are safe from other people and viruses. To learn more about security offerings from Clarity, visit our services page to learn about custom solutions such as Intranets and Extranets.


Data Quality and Compliance for Ecommerce Is Often Overlooked

When it comes to eCommerce security, there are many parts that need to be taken into account and considered. One thing that is often forgotten is ensuring the safety of your customers. When someone buys something from your site, they are going to be inputting their personal information. And not just their names and addresses, but their credit card number or bank account information. This is something that needs to be covered by the best firewall and security available. Data quality and compliance for ecommerce are aspects of security that many businesses overlook and later get called out by the government for doing so. This is one area in which you don’t want to scrimp on. The government regulates this aspect of the internet world to ensure that people are safe when shopping online. Security is probably the most important aspect of eCommerce to outsource to the professionals. For more information on how Clarity can assist your company with staying current on security standards and regulation for your eCommerce website, click here to use our contact form.