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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an extremely powerful platform that enables businesses to manage their customers and all of the data that comes with them. The platform's capabilities are further leveraged when CRM is integrated with a website, especially if that website is an eCommerce storefront or marketplace.

Clarity's eCommerce product is meant to take advantage of this relationship in a scalable and versatile way. The advantages of a powerful Dynamics CRM-integrated eCommerce platform are plenty, some are listed below.

Dynamics CRM eCommerce Integration

Dynamics CRM Dashboard for eCommerce Integration

Benefits of Dynamics CRM eCommerce with Clarity

  • New orders are automatically pushed & recorded in CRM
  • Existing accounts build historical records
  • CRM's marketing tools and tracking integration
  • Customer record accuracy across all systems
  • Dynamic Multi-tiered Pricing & quantity price breaks
  • Real-time inventory stock counts & perpetual inventory


Clarity eCommerce is the ultimate platform

Clarity's eCommerce platform is built on the strength of Microsoft's ASP.NET, and is therefore able to take advantage of the suite of business tools that Microsoft provides such as Dynamics and CRM. In addition to these standard features, Clarity has a staff of experienced .NET developers that are dedicated to customizing the eCommerce workflows, the business integration, or both.

Clarity offers a free phone consultation from our experts in order to discuss your company's project needs and how they can be addressed. We also offer a free quote on your project if it makes sense given your needs. To take advantage of this free consultation you can Request a Demo or Quote or you can call us directly at the number below.

Dynamics CRM eCommerce Integration
Powerful Business-to-business partnerships. Advanced capabilities.

Leveraging powerful APIs and continual partnership based integrations to the platform, Clarity eCommerce delivers a consistently growing set of capabilities your business can take advantage of.

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