Microsoft eConnect to Integrate Business Applications

Microsoft eConnect Consulting for Dynamics GP integrationMicrosoft eConnect is a set of solutions that allows companies to integrate their business applications with Dynamics GP. It is a part of a .NET assembly to streamline all of your data and applications and keep all of your departments on the same page.

The benefits are many, and include:

Advantages of an eConnect Dynamics GP Integration

  • Streamlined integration into business applications & processes
  • Increased speed to launch and cost savings
  • Capable of website and eCommerce integrations
  • Custom integrations to unique data or business workflows & logic

Clarity's Track Record

  • Working with Fortune 500s to startups since 2006
  • 650+ clients and 1,300+ projects completed
  • Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner
  • Over 350 years of combined experience on our development staff

Capabilities of eConnect Integration


eConnect will speed up and lower the
cost of your integration project

eConnect has the ability to be integrated with many of the business applications and systems you use within your company. eConnect provides an API, which exposes the endpoints needed to push and pull data with your Dynamics GP instance. This includes storefronts, POS (point-of-sale) systems, web services, and legacy applications. Once integrated, these systems can perform functions that control Dynamics GP integration and the data it contains such as managing internal documents and records.


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