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Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM eCommerce on Your Website

Today's ERP implementations can't be supported simply with an off-the-shelf product. At least not without a lot of consulting and customization. In order to provide effective results in this highly competitive market, ERP back-office systems must be integrated with retail management products, CRM systems and other customized business systems in order to achieve effective results. It is often thought that if a company uses an ERP product that is not Microsoft based that they will not be able to incorporate some of the features of Microsoft's CRM into that ERP. That is simply not true. Clarity has successfully bridged the gap between Dynamics CRM and many non-Microsoft ERP solutions. At Clarity we provide you with Microsoft CRM solutions that provide for maximum flexibility, no matter your current back-office platform.

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Microsoft CRM eCommerce Integration Solutions

Here are just a few of the benefits of an eCommerce-Dynamics CRM integration solution:

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Custom Workflow Logistics

Our Microsoft CRM eCommerce integration solutions allow you to configure workflow rules that free your employees from various time consuming tasks such as responding to customer inquiries and service requests.

Improved Customer 360 View

The value that CRM provides to an existing business is that it helps increase accuracy and efficiency in many major business processes, helping to fill the gaps in data that gives Sales an accurate view of their customers.

Data Quality Enforcement

We help to tailor your CRM forms so that the data received is accurately captured, streamlining the process for better customer service. This means more accurate data capture, rules-based data input and improved accuracy.

More Extensibility

We also can enhance the existing functionality of your current eCommerce implementation, create third party application integrations, provide custom vertical solutions and even extend the solution to many web service platforms.


Customized Microsoft CRM eCommerce Solutions

CRM customizations like Microsoft CRM workflow and APIs or even a software development kit are what we at Clarity take pride in providing for our clients. We offer advanced customization for Microsoft CRM that is easily adapted to your particular organization requirements. The solutions that we provide allow us to build custom integrations with other business solutions from third parties by using BizTalk as well as other server technologies. We can also extend our solutions to your web services so that processes such as credit checks are automatically performed if there are any new opportunities. We can design our solutions so that they align with your industry-specific requirements and supply-chain verticals. When it comes building functional and new tailored applications, the dynamics eCommerce integration is a useful solution that many of our clients choose to implement.

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Developer and Partner Friendly

Clarity eCommerce’s™ provides deep functionality in an extensible manner. Due to the architectural choices the enterprise eCommerce framework delivers on the ability to implement robust functionality without requiring a .Net, PHP or Java specific platform for the user interface layer. In addition by bringing a highly customizable templating engine to bear the eCommerce solution is a full solution with the ability to adapt to any CMS system, and any workflow or specific business workflow requirement required.

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