Dynamics CRM integration into your website comes with a host of benefits. These benefits are not just experienced by the organization that goes through the process of integrating, however, Integration means that your customers get all of the advantages of Dynamics CRM as well. For them, that translates to working with an organization that provides a superior level of customer service and in one which they can have trust.

Streamlined Processes of CRM

Integration of Dynamics CRMOne of the biggest complaints that customers have with businesses, particularly Internet-based businesses, is that there is never anyone there to take their complaints. One of the chief advantages of Dynamics CRM integration is the fact that a business can make sure that someone is being informed when a customer has an issue with the company in a relatively short timeframe, even within minutes. The Dynamics CRM platform allows an organization to take data that they receive off of their website and to distribute it throughout their organization. Dynamics eCommerce integration means that the company doesn't end up losing customer complaints or losing an opportunity to provide customer service to someone who spends their money in the company's eCommerce site or marketplace. Every activity that each user does on the site, can be recorded in CRM as a Contact record activity. 

Dynamics, Employee Ease of Use

Dynamics CRM integration does not require the employees of the company to learn how to use new software in just about every case imaginable. This is because Microsoft Dynamics CRM eCommerce integration means relying on the Microsoft Office platform to provide the data to the employees. The software integrates seamlessly with Office and, therefore, it's easy for employees to understand the data that they're being given and to work with it for the purposes of analysis. All of the skills they have developed with the Microsoft Office platform will translate into their experience with Dynamics CRM easily and quickly.

Integrating Dynamics CRM

The integration of Dynamics CRM eCommerce will allow a business to provide better customer service and, importantly, to track the results of that customer service.

The integration of Dynamics CRM will allow a business to provide better customer service and, equally as important, to track the results of that customer service. The software allows information to be gathered in such detail that it is easy to generate sophisticated reports based upon that information and to see how well any efforts on the part of the company are panning out (i.e. Customers at Risk, Customer Satisfaction Rates that are dropping, etc.). Those things that are not working can be abandoned and new ideas can be developed that will have a better chance of offering the desired results. This makes this software useful for both the customer and the company alike and a choice that can end up making the company more efficient at taking data from the Internet and integrating it into the rest of their back-office solutions, not just your Dynamics CRM instance.

For more information or to talk about your company's Dynamics CRM integration project, check out our Dynamics CRM eCommerce Resource Center.