Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnectMicrosoft Dynamics GP (one of Microsoft's 4 ERP offerings) is a system that allows many different complex tasks to be automated. With the eConnect feature installed (comes with all Enterprise licenses), it allows businesses that engage in eCommerce to automate the tasks specific to that business model. Dynamics GP is a very sophisticated system and is used by numerous different business processes to tackle some of the hardest and most critical tasks that they have to do every day.

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How GP eConnect Works

Dynamics GP is designed to allow the integration between front-office and back-office applications in a way that streamlines many different processes. For example, some businesses use Dynamics GP as a way of integrating all of the different information that comes in from their point of sale technology, their inventory technology and their payroll technology. Dynamics GP allows all of this information to be housed in the same place and, even more than that, it allows conflicting information between the different systems to be flagged and resolved.

Use of Dynamics GP

The eConnect product (API exposing endpoints to facilitate integration with GP) is designed so that the full power of Dynamics GP can be used by businesses that rely on front-end technologies on the web to do business. For example, the eConnect component allows businesses to get information from their web sales and to instantly have it reported across their organization. The Dynamics GP technology can be set up to automatically report whenever needed. For a business that does a low volume of sales, for instance, reporting could be set to an infrequent interval, such as a full day. For businesses that do rapid transactions, the reporting could be set to a very short interval, even within a few minutes. This allows each business to customize the amount of reporting that they get from their systems.

eConnect and Dynamics GP

The eConnect component of Dynamics GP is designed to integrate seamlessly.

Via Clarity Connect and eConnect, robust Dynamics GP eCommerce solutions can easily be designed, built and customized. This means that there are no concerns about compatibility between the two products and that a business can have confidence that all of their information is being exchanged and reported accurately, and on time. This information can be accessed by different members of an organization, depending upon their needs. For example, Accounts Receivable can access some information while the Sales staff can be given access to other information. There's a huge amount of customization that can go on with these products and that makes them some of the most popular solutions for businesses that sell items online that depend upon accurate financial reporting to stay profitable and on top of their finances.

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