Gear Up Your eCommerce Website For Success

General eCommerce OverviewAs more and more people do their shopping online, eCommerce stores are an increasingly popular strategy. Learn how you can help your own eCommerce website stand out via beautiful product catalog design, customized customer portals and other custom development and design, user-friendly navigation, SEO eCommerce solutions, and more.

Manage Your eCommerce Customer Relationships With Success

To run a successful eCommerce operation, you’ll need more than an excellent website; you’ll also need a reliable, fast, and easy ERP or CRM system integrated into your site. This will help you automate processes ranging from shipping and manufacturing to employee payroll. Manage your customer relationships professionally and seamlessly, responding to tickets and communicating with customers whenever they need you. And do it all with a low overhead and a lean staff.

Read on to learn more about the various solutions you can integrate into your eCommerce website. Your products and services deserve to be displayed and sold in the most professional way possible.

Your eCommerce website can benefit from the following resources.

product catalog development

Product Catalog Development

If your eCommerce store wants to display its products in a compelling and professional fashion, then a well-designed eCommerce product catalog is a must. You can also manage your product catalog from several stores at once with our multi-store system. No matter what your guidelines are, we can design a product catalog system with a visually appealing layout and superb ease of use.

shopping cart development

Shopping Cart Development

Providing your customers with a secure, user-friendly, and customized shopping cart will increase the likelihood of them not just making their initial purchase, but also becoming a return customer. At Clarity we provide custom shopping cart design that allows your cart to keep up with your products and inventory in real time. Your custom shopping cart can also provide important statistics on what customers are buying and their user preferences.

ecommerce integration

eCommerce Integration

eCommerce integration can mean everything from a streamlined ERP system to a CRM system that allows you to interact with your customers in a timely and professional manner. Whether you’re using multiple currencies, seek a custom shopping cart design, or are looking for customized and secure membership portals, successful eCommerce integration means determining your needs and tailoring your website accordingly.

online quote request applications

Online Quote Request Applications

You may find that your business offers a product or service that customers will want to know more about before they make a purchase. In this case, a quote request form can be a great way to gather leads and inform your prospective customers about the prices for services rendered. A customized quote request form can respond to the unique needs of your particular customers, so that you will be more effective at closing the sale.

ecommerce security

Security for eCommerce

Today’s eCommerce customer is savvy to internet security and knows what to look for to ensure that their credit card and other personal information stays safe. Important security standards include PCI-DSS compliance for credit card transactions or Firewall protection against threats. Clarity can integrate security systems into your eCommerce website that adhere to or exceed all standards, from credit card compliance to data encryption.

SEO-friendly ecommerce

SEO-Friendly eCommerce

Selling a great product is only half the battle. To run a successful eCommerce business, you need to make sure your website is easily discovered through organic search by the right target demographic. Depending on the state of your website architecture and its inbound links, these techniques will include a combination of keyword research, on-page optimization, SEO-friendly site maps, link building and targeted outreach, social media integration, and more.

multilingual ecommerce

Multilingual eCommerce

As the internet continues to grow and serve a global marketplace, many eCommerce operators are discovering that they need not limit their eCommerce products to one particular country. Clarity's international website solutions can include customizing your store to accept multiple forms of currency; creating a multilingual website; or using design strategies that will attract a more global audience.

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