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xamarin resource, xamarin developmentMore and more eCommerce companies fund and test consumer apps that are centered around mobility. Smartphones have invaded all aspects of people's lives from business ordering to acting as personal assistants, and intelligence forecasts predict that smartphones will account for 59 percent of all phone usage by 2016. Savvy companies don't just develop, buy or release new consumer apps without testing them, and Ionic's platform for enterprise apps and their user interfaces offers extraordinary business benefits by validating these applications in real-world business scenarios. A recent study found that consumers spend about 86 percent of their time on smartphones using apps. Mobile devices account for 60 percent of consumer time spent on digital media, so app development is increasingly critical for eCommerce.


How Clarity Can Help with Ionic

Clarity can help when you make the switch to Ionic by providing customized and proven eCommerce solutions for your enterprise-level business. Our team of expert developers can help you troubleshoot any issues that develop when switching from native apps to more efficient cross-platform coding so that you can concentrate on core business initiatives. Clarity's customizable, scalable platform ensures that your hybrid apps integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, marketing efforts and Internet presence to deliver great and consistent experiences to each customer. Contact Clarity today for a consultation, free price quote or advice on Ionic development.


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