The world of search engine optimization is dynamic and ever-changing. Search engines like Google are constantly striving to refine their algorithms to deliver more accurate results. eCommerce website owners, in turn, must adapt to keep up with the changing rules. For example, the most recent change by Google actually upended some of the high-ranking sites on the web. To avoid the same fate, it’s vital that you work with SEO experts who are in tune with these changing rules. The web developers at Clarity Ventures are a perfect example.

Why Do the Search Engine Ranking Rules Matter?

Understand the Ever-Changing SEO Rules


Does it really matter if SEO rules change? Isn’t it still the same basic process? Actually, it matters a great deal. Disregarding SEO best practices can have some serious negative results; your site being banned from search engine listings is just one possible scenario. It’s also likely that any SEO campaigns conducted that are not in accordance with the latest rules will fail to yield any results. This is a waste of time and money that you simply cannot afford.

What Matters Most for Website Ranking?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The most important thing is that you work with a firm, like Clarity Ventures, that understands the importance of a long-term organic approach to SEO optimization. This means knowing how to expose your database pages correctly to search engines, understanding how to network with industry blogs and relevant publications, and ensuring that you have an SEO-compliant internet marketing strategy. There are numerous other factors that can come into play as well, depending on your eCommerce business model and your goals for growth.

SEO Certification Matters!

Clarity Ventures is a team of DotNetNuke designers with SEO certification.


An SEO certification proves that your prospective SEO partners are not only in tune with the changing rules for SEO and eCommerce websites, but that they offer industry best practices and have a proven track record of results to prove it.
The Clarity Ventures team possesses both SEO certification and the knowledge required to quickly adapt to an ever-changing field. We’re here to help you and can provide the exposure that you need to leave the competition behind with our professional SEO services.
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