Much has been made of search engine optimization and it’s importance to your eCommerce website. However, it’s important that you know what good SEO should offer. Too many times, eCommerce companies choose to work with inferior SEO experts that provide subpar (or even no) results. Working with a company like Clarity Ventures ensures that you have SEO that builds leads, sales and revenue. How does it all add up?

Understanding SEO Lead Generation

Good Search Engine Optimization Plans Boost Business

Good SEO optimization is a lot like direct mail marketing, but on a far more massive scale. In this scenario, the optimization techniques used are designed to help raise your page rank in search results for specific terms that apply to your products, services or company. For instance, if a web surfer searches for blue widgets in California and your company offers blue widgets in the state, then your eCommerce website link should be displayed prominently near the top of the search results. This results in targeted leads. That is, customers who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Understanding Sales

Because search engine optimization for eCommerce websites targets searchers already predisposed to making a purchase, the conversion process should be short and sweet. In fact, there should be very little conversion required once the searcher visits your website and views your product. Good SEO optimization offers fast lead to customer conversion simply because you don’t need to waste time with visitors who are searching for something that you don’t offer. For example, if a surfer was looking for blue wedges rather than widgets and found your site results, they would obviously not convert and would bounce out.

Real Results

We have a long list of satisfied SEO clients for whom we’ve been able to achieve up to #1 and #2 search engine results.

Finally, you should be able to judge the effectiveness of your search engine optimization by the boost in revenues. If you realize no increase in profitability for your eCommerce website, then there is most certainly something wrong with your SEO. It’s likely that the provider you selected did not understand industry-best practices, the new rules that apply to SEO and how to properly expose your company to search engines while beating the competition.

Clarity Ventures is a group of DotNetNuke design professionals with extensive SEO experience. We’re also SEO certified, and have a long list of satisfied clients for whom we’ve been able to achieve up to #1 and #2 search engine results. Let our team help you realize the benefits of professional SEO services and an effective SEO stragety.

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