Visual Appeal With Rich Internet Applications

At Clarity, we can implement functional RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) which are essentially web programs that allow your team to gain access to all the same kinds of powerful tools you would normally expect from a software program installed on your machine. RIAs use a variety of visually appealing tools such as Flash, JQuery and Ajax, allowing the end user to have an appealing experience and interaction with the tool. Another benefit to rich internet applications is that they can seamlessly update to the programs being used on the end-user's machine, without the need to go through a thorough saving and uploading process.

Programming and Developing Rich Internet Applications

Our team at Clarity has created many Rich Internet Applications for our clients across the country. We’ve developed systems which allow for inventory management as well as online-based auctioning tools. To get an idea of what we’ve delivered for clients similar to you, visit our Rich Internet Application Project Portfolio today.

eCommerce and Rich Internet Applications

Of all the different varieties of RIAs we have developed to date, the one we find to be most popular is our Clarity eCommerce Applications. We’ve implemented these shopping cart systems for several of our customers and developed them in such a way that they can be constantly maintained and updated by your in-house team. This saves your company both time and money. Another benefit to getting a custom-developed eCommerce application from Clarity is that you can design the specifics of your system. Through careful analysis of your current system (if one is in place) we can determine at what stage in the purchase process your customers are choosing to abandon their shopping cart. This will provide us with the necessary information to develop a system that avoids some of the steps in your previous system that caused you to lose customers. This increase in revenue will give your company the positive ROI it is looking for.

...develop a system that avoids some of the steps in your previous system that caused you to lose customers.

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