It's really difficult to find an "out of the box" business or local directory system that satisfies the needs of a multifaceted project or organization. Most programs or plugins are either too simple, or they're too bloated with features that you don't need.


Clarity Ventures specializes in delivering powerful yet easy-to-use directory systems. Although these platforms are customized to each and every one of our Clients, here are some common features we can include:


  • Powered by an Integrated Content Management System
  • Multi-level User Permissions
  • Easy-to-Manage Directory Categories
  • Seamless Payment Processing
  • Advanced Core Search Functionality
  • Comprehensive User Profiles
  • Interactive Features
  • Easily Import and Export data
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Multilingual
  • and more…


Seamless Transition of an Existing Directory


If you have existing sets of data, our technical consultants will integrate those data sets into the new system in their existing organization layout (or in a new hierarchy if you prefer).


Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't


Although all of our work is custom development, Clarity owns a proprietary directory engine that aids in our agile development process to deliver a polished product in a timely fashion. The advantage of Clarity's development process is two-fold:


  1. The finished directory system will be custom with everything you need, and nothing you don't.
  2. Our proprietary directory framework gives you the benefits of custom development without the extended and slow development process.


We Are Directory System Specialists


Clarity has a Client List of 200+ satisfied customers, many of which are custom directory systems. 

If your project requires a custom directory system, you can consult with a Clarity representative to discuss solutions. Please feel free to give us a call at 800.928.8160 or fill out the quote request form below and a Clarity consultant will be in touch shortly.