DotNetNuke ASP.Net ExtranetAn extranet allows companies to provide controlled access of a computer network to external visitors. This can be independent or an extension of the intranet that a company uses for internal operations.

With the DotNetNuke platform, an open source content management system, you can customize and control an extranet in the specific way that your project requires.

Why Would I Want a DotNetNuke Extranet for my Business?

The benefits of a DotNetNuke Extranet are plenty. They include:

  • Customizable permission-based views to external visitors
  • Intranet capabilities for internal personnel
  • Easy-to-manage system with a CMS (DotNetNuke) user interface
  • Improved business logic across your company's network

The DotNetNuke and ASP.Net frameworks are both Microsoft products, which mean stability and scalability for your network and systems.

How Can I Learn More?

If you're interested in a DotNetNuke ASP.Net extranet for your company's network, you can consult with a Clarity representative to discuss solutions. Please feel free to give us a call at 800.928.8160 or fill out the quote request form below and a Clarity consultant will be in touch shortly.