DotNetNuke Multilingual eCommerceA multilingual website can benefit a business's online marketing presence across the broad global market, but this is especially true for eCommerce sites. Companies that sell directly to their customers through an eCommerce store have a lot to gain by expanding their website to a larger target market.


Clarity Multilingual eCommerce Websites


Clarity specializes in building and maintaining an eCommerce multilingual website and sites that are easily extendable. Our eCommerce development experts are very experienced with functionality such as language versatility in order to help expand and drive Client businesses. Some of the benefits of multilingual eCommerce include:


  • Larger target market potential
  • Global relations with customers and partners
  • Happier customers in dual-language countries such as Canada


DotNetNuke Framework Stability and Scalability


As a DotNetNuke Partner, Clarity has launched many DotNetNuke eCommerce websites with multilingual capabilities. For some Clients, it's absolutely necessary to have 1,2, or 10 additional languages added to the site. Clarity and our Clients choose DotNetNuke because of its stability and scalability. Our Clients include large corporations and startups, both of which need to be ready for high traffic volume at any time. DNN delivers a framework that carries custom and necessary functionalities without sacrificing system capabilities.


Clarity's Wide Availability of Languages


Clarity can deliver on any standardized written language. Our developers have implemented many languages from the basic Spanish, French, and others to less popular ones such as Farsi. Our availability and wide range of languages allows your target market to expand (and consequentially, your sales will follow).

If your project requires a multilingual integrate online store or multi-currency integrate ecommerce solution, you can consult with a Clarity representative to discuss solutions. Please feel free to give us a call at 888.987.3565 or fill out the quote request form below and a Clarity consultant will be in touch shortly.