DotNetNuke Multilingual eCommerceOne reason why the internet can be such a lucrative channel for many businesses is because it's an international platform. Companies are enabled by this global audience which can introduce new customer bases. However, companies need a multilingual website to compete in the global marketplace.


Compete on the International Stage


Execution of a multilingual and international strategy can double or triple the size of an existing business, especially if that business sells directly to consumers online. If you think your business could benefit from this larger audience, you need to consider a multilingual website.


Clarity Multilingual Websites


Clarity's developers are experienced experts in DotNetNuke extension including providing a platform that supports multiple languages for your multilingual website. These languages are usually presented in one of two ways:


  • The site will have a default language, with integrated buttons that allows the user to toggle between languages.
  • The site will have a landing page in which the user chooses his or her preferred language. This is usually for internationally based companies.


If you have a custom language workflow or would like an option that is different from the two listed above, Clarity will deliver that for you. These are merely the most common language workflows for websites.