In the past, most of us would have turned to the local Yellow Pages to find a particular business or individual providing the goods or services we needed. Now, this process has become increasingly simplified through the use of local directory websites in a variety of general and specialized areas.

Local Search Sites and Local Directories

Oftentimes, when someone is searching online for a particular business or individual, they want their options narrowed down to the particular locale. Whether it’s a city, state, zip code, neighborhood or county, it’s often helpful to either have the use of a specialized directory for this area, or simply a directory that can be filtered to only show results from that area. When considering the development of a custom local search site or directory, it’s important to be aware of the end data your customers are searching for, and how to best get that information into their hands.

Ideas for Regional or City-Based Directory Development

As mentioned above, directories that filter for certain regions or cities can provide more accurate, reliable and helpful information for the end user. You can further add to your customer’s usability by providing the information through GPS enabled APPs or Interactive Maps. When these users know that they can find the information they are looking for through your directory, they’ll pay to get it. And not only will they want to pay for the information, but businesses that want to be listed in your directory, will be paying for that listing, or possibly even a specialized premium listing to highlight their company.

Popular Localized Searching and Rating Websites

There’s a world of opportunity when it comes to developing a localized searching and rating website. Some roads in this field have been paved already by the best:

Local Directory Websites that Work

If you think you might have the next big idea for a local or regional directory website, contact Clarity today and will help you get the right plan in place to make that vision and success a reality.