At Clarity, we can provide a wide array of custom development options to maximize the functionality of your membership directory system website. To learn more about what all we can put into place for your organization, check out the topics below.

Online Membership Payment Processing

Our team of developers creates customized solutions for clients to help them the maximum benefits out of their membership website. Oftentimes, our clients are interested in what kind of functionality we can put in place to aid in the payment processing of memberships to the directory. The following is a list of some online membership payment processing customizations we often provide to our clients:

  • Integration with Payment Processors such as Authorize.Net, PayPal or any system on the web with a working API (Application Programming Interface – Basically a tool that allows the payment processor to integrate to a website, app, or any other host of options)
  • Secured and Protected Payments through SSL Certificates
  • Auto-Renewal of Membership Status and Dues Calculation
  • Automated Invoice Sending with Dynamically Calculated Dues

Web-Based Members Directory & Registration Tools

In addition to various customizations for payment processing, our developers also work hand-in-hand with your team to form the best registration process for your organization. We offer an ultimate number of fields for our clients in their registration form. These fields can also be dynamically adjusted based on applicants answers to previous registration questions. Ex: When you client selects that they work in a certain state, available cities will then populate. When it comes time for the registration of the new member to be accepted or denied, we can establish a specific process that allows for automatic approval, or that sends approval requests emails to your administrative team, so they can approve or deny new members requests to be included on your directory. And if your organization already has an extensive list of members, we can easily import and export those Excel, CSV or Delimited Files into your new Membership Directory Database System.

Customized Membership Directory Searching and Sorting

When it comes to providing the best searching and sorting of directory information for your customers or members, Clarity has the ability to put wide functionality in place. A membership directory system is only as useful as its search functionality and that’s why we offer sorting features such as Filtering, Distance-Based Searches, and Interactive Map Searching. We also can establish secure communication channels through the directory for your members.

If you’re looking for a highly customized solution for your Membership Website Directory, and you want assured ownership of your source code, look to Clarity to provide you with a state-of-the-art solution. For more information on how to get started with your membership directory project or updates, please contact our Sales Team today.