Program Management for Sales Support

Compliant Program Scheduling for Medical / Healthcare Sales

Clarity SmartSchedule Program Management Solution

Compliant Medical Program Scheduling


Clarity Smartschedule helps to provide Sales the Tools needed to close dealsClarity SmartSchedule™ is a Medical Sales Reps’ dream. It gives them a single portal where they can easily schedule requests, peer-to-peer appointments, surgery consultations, register for events and more. From their home office, on the road, or in the operating room, Sales reps will have direct access to schedule VIP visits and schedule appointments for surgical observations, device consults and more.


Regulatory Compliance Risks


Clarity Smartschedule protects your agents from accidental violations in regulatory compliance issuesAlthough sales is the life-blood that drives your business, regulatory compliance violations can stop it, and a lot faster. That’s where SmartSchedule excels. For Program Managers, this means that built into the workflow are all the necessary components to ensure that your transactions adhere to the Stark Law and Anti-kickback statute oversight requirements.


Save Time, Increase Productivity


Clarity Smartschedule can save you 50-75% of your program management timeClarity clients are reporting a 50-75% reduction in sales rep and program manager time to manage requests, while improving compliance drastically. Read on to find out how we can deliver a custom-tailored solution that’s designed specifically for your business.