Who It Affects

First Step is to Understand What to Fix

Clarity SmartSchedule addresses your program management pains

Scenario 1: Program Manager


Clarity Smartschedule ensures your sales teams captures the required informationI received 12 new requests this week alone for sales support for key surgeon customers. They came in by email, voicemail and text messages. I don’t have a way to consistently collect the required information I need to approve the request and move forward, so most of the time I have to go back again and again to get all the information I need.

I was travelling and worried that I would lose track of the requests or be unable to act on them due to not having the required information to review and forward for eventual approval, scheduling and planning.


Scenario 2: Program Manager


Clarity Smartschedul | Avoid being the target of a regulatory violationI have real concerns about requests I received that could expose our company to legal risk. The Stark Law and Anti-Kickback statute oversight requirements are strict and I am worried that we might approve or deliver an event that was in violation of these.


Scenario 3: Sales Rep / End User


Clarity Smartschedule | mobile access to your medical program managementI spend 25 hours a week in hospital operating rooms with my surgeon customers and another 25 hours in clinics or my car. Texting, voicemail and email have been difficult and inefficient ways to ask for sales support, and it causes me to lose opportunities every week.

I need a mobile friendly way to know what opportunities there are, understand their requirements, what information is needed, and finally the ability to submit requests and track their status.



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