Clarity SmartSchedule™

Your One-Stop Tool To Compliant Sales Support

Key Features of Clarity SmartSchedule program manager

Key Features of Clarity SmartSchedule™


  • Interactive, consolidated calendar view displaying all program opportunities providing a single-point of access for program managers and end users.
  • Custom on-line request forms ensure all essential data is collected, program requirements explained, eliminating incomplete requests and overlooked compliance requirements.
  • Step-by-step request management dashboards and planning checklists ensure efficient progress and ‘hand-offs’ to event planners and stakeholders.
  • Custom auto-email alerts at key milestones (i.e. approval, confirm, schedule, cancellation...) ensure timely communications of events and their status.
  • Mobile, modular platform allows for easy customization, integration with existing processes, forms, documents and planning tools allowing for rapid and minimally invasive implementation.


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