Automate Communication

Emails, Approvals, Notifications, Updates Included

Clarity SmartSchedule email notifications

Control the Conversation


Clarity Smartschedule | configure automated alerts and notificationsThis solution places the program manager in complete control of the planning process from start to finish including the hand-off of planning tasks to other stakeholders (such as event planners, etc.). Communication of request and event status is automated at key steps in the process (request submission, initial booking, confirmation, cancellation and “go live” for registration) with email alerts and messages.


Synchronized Scheduling


Clarity Smartschedule | synchronized sales programming calendarThe consolidated, interactive calendar provides a user-friendly interface for all users (planners and customers) to view event information, and the planning dashboards for program administrators provide access to event records and customized tools for managing email communication, attaching documents to records and tracking task completion.