"I'm very passionate about constant process improvement. To say it another way, good ideas and great execution almost, if not always, outperform great ideas with only good execution."
Chris Reddick's drive and motivation are what lead him to co-found Clarity Ventures in 2006 after he graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. With Clarity Ventures, Chris has successfully delivered on 500+ projects for clients ranging from Fortune 500s to entrepreneurs. His expertise has enabled him to deliver on intensive eCommerce and backend integration sites, multilingual sites, mobile friendly sites, and search engine optimized sites.


    - ASP.Net C#
    - T-SQL
    - LINQ to SQL
    - CSS
    - JavaScript/jQuery
    - AngularJS/TypeScript
    - PHP/MySQL


    Enterprise Level Integration Architecture

    Robust CMS/eCommerce Implementation

    Project Strategy and Management

    Cross Functional Team Leadership

    Branding and Overall Marketing

    SEO/SEM Strategy & Execution