"I love building things that actually work. There's nothing better than seeing something you created and a customer loving how you took their vision and made it a reality."
James Gray comes from a strong background in development, both professionally and personally. His work on community projects has led to new innovations in the gaming community such as more user-friendly user interfaces in complex tools and additional capabilities of theory-crafting sequences. As a Systems Integration Advisor for Dell over 5 years, a wide array of devices and platforms have lent to strong awareness of inter-connectivity of the devices in our daily lives.


    - SQL (2014)
    - Linux, Mac and Windows
    - Cloud Computing
    - ITIL
    - Custom ASP.Net Programming
    - Silverlight (5)
    - C# (6)
    - JavaScript (ECMA 6)
    - TypeScript (1.7.6)
    - Angular (1.4.8)
    - Bootstrap (3)
    - C++ (11)
    - Qt (4.8) Cross Platform Development


    Expertise Custom API Development

    Flexible Work Mentality

    High-Level Concept Outlining

    Rigorous Communicator

    Quick Ramp-Up Speed On Projects