"Design is like music. If it's good, you really want to crank it up! Where's the volume?"
Darrin is a front end developer, with a wide variety of career experience under his belt including being a company owner, a B.B.A. in Marketing, frontend and backend programming, UX/UI design, and Web/IT Solutions. At Clarity, Darrin creates data-driven web solutions, sometimes with eCommerce, and applies design, styling, and usability within varying budgets and states of progress upon commencement.


    - Amazon AWS Cloud Server
    - Windows Server
    - Linux Server
    - Node.js Server
    - HTML5/Bootstrap/Foundation
    - SASS/CSS3
    - jQuery/JavaScript
    - AngularJS
    - DNN/WordPress/Joomla


    Designing Mobile & Web Applications

    Formulate and Lead Development Strategies

    Combining Knowledge of Marketing and Design During Development

    UI/UX Architecture

    Sly Sense of Humor