"It should speak volumes that I was a Clarity client for 2 years before I asked to join the team more than five years ago."
Ron has extensive experience as a top level sales & marketing executive at multiple private and publicly traded companies. His technical knowledge allows him to bridge the gap between project specifications and business goals and deliverables. Being able to deliver clear and specified goals/expectations to a client has given Ron the opportunity to innovate and create unique solutions for individual clients, ensuring client satisfaction for a lasting relationship.


    - Adobe Creative Suite
    - SEO | CRO
    - Business Development
    - Web Marketing
    - UX Design
    - Video Production
    - Project Management
    - Graphic Design


    High Performance Team Building and Management

    Establishing Strategies and Expectations in Marketing and Sales

    Developing Long-Term Client Relationships

    Start-Up Company Development

    International Contract Negotiation