"We place absolute confidence in the Titanic. We believe that the boat is unsinkable. - Philip Franklin, Vice-President of White Star Line"
Prior to becoming a certified SCRUM Master and transitioning to IT Project Management, James worked in production management of physical goods. With a solid background in optimizing workflow processes and Lean manufacturing he transitioned to Agile Software Development. James’ first-hand experience, while not extensive, with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and Relational Databases allows him to connect a business’ needs with potential solutions. With this ability, James is able to interface with both client and developers to convey business requirements as technical specifications to ensure mutual understanding of the project at hand.


    - Scrum/Agile
    - User Experience
    - User Stories
    - Workflow Optimization
    - Backlog Management


    Diversified Background

    Identifying dependencies

    User Persona Empathy

    Competitive Nature


    Wicked Beard