20 Key Considerations for Multi-Store eCommerce (Part 3 of 4)

Choosing a Multi-Store eCommerce Solution

Features to look for when selecting a multi-store eCommerce platform

This is part three in a four part series. Don't forget to check out part one, part two, and part four to learn more!

multi-store eCommerceRunning multiple online stores could cause a major drain on finances and resources because of the time spent managing and the money spent on website development. However, using a multi-store eCommerce platform changes all of that. A multi-store eCommerce solution allows you to manage all of your stores from one easy to use dashboard, as well as have the option to delegate the administration of individual stores to the respective store owners. The development costs are also greatly reduced because all of the stores share the same code, with only minor adjustments for each store. A multi-store eCommerce setup is a great solution for any business that needs to have multiple online stores. Below are five features to look for when selecting and implementing your multi-store eCommerce platform.

One Code Base and Database

The biggest reason that implementing a multi-vendor eCommerce solution saves time and money is because all stores share one code base and one database. Since they share most of the data, it cuts down on the development cost as well as time because your developers don’t have to write more code. This feature also makes it easy for you to add another store any time that you need to with minimal effort. Clarity eCommerce comes with an interface that allows the customers to create their own stores (i.e. for customers, partners, distributors, vendors, etc.).

extensible eCommerce storesExtensibility for Each Store

When selecting and creating a multi-vendor marketplace site, you want to look for an eCommerce platform that allows for extensibility for your site as a whole as well as extensibility for each of your stores. You need to have the ability to add on and create custom fields, attributes, content and categories for each site, if need be. Even if you don’t need this feature at implementation, it is best to have a platform that is easy to extend when the need arises.


Like any person running a business, you hope that that business grows. In order to handle this growth, you need a multi-vendor marketplace platform that scales well. Your multi-store eCommerce platform needs to be able to scale to handle a large number of simultaneous users on your multi-store site. The system needs to be able to scale easily as your number of stores and offerings in your store grow. Choosing a scalable multi-store eCommerce platform that allows you to create unlimited stores and can handle a large amount of users will greatly benefit your business in the long run.

multi-store eCommerce integrationSeamless ERP and CRM Integration Capabilities 

As with any eCommerce platform, you want to look for one that has ERP and CRM integration capabilities. This feature is especially important for multi-store eCommerce platforms to help you keep track of all your business information and customers from every one of your stores. Choosing an eCommerce platform that has a single integration point helps ensure that the integration is seamless and will transfer vital information efficiently.

Ease of Use

The thought of running multiple online stores can be overwhelming. To help calm those worries, you need to choose a multi-store eCommerce platform that is simple and easy to use. Your platform should allow you to easily change settings and designs on the front end without sacrificing backend functionality. The dashboard that comes with your multi-store eCommerce platform also needs to allow you to quickly add, edit, delete a store and should be easy to use.

Clarity Can Help

With decades of combined experience helping businesses implement custom business solutions, our team of experts knows how to help businesses succeed. We have helped numerous clients implement multi-store eCommerce sites to help them better target and sell to the customers. Clarity eCommerce, our robust eCommerce platform, can easily work as a multi-store eCommerce platform because of its flexible nature. To find out more about multi-store eCommerce or to speak with one of our experts, call or click to contact us today!