5 Step Checklist for International and Multilingual eCommerce

Expand Your Business Worldwide

The five key components to successful multilingual and international eCommerce.

As the business world grows more connected, it becomes increasingly valuable for a company’s eCommerce platform to be accessible to consumers worldwide. When preparing your business for multilingual and international eCommerce, keep in mind the following features in order to provide a smooth experience for both you and your customers.


1) Translationmultilingual

Presenting a platform that is optimized for a multilingual website makes a business immediately attractive to a wider population of global consumers. Ensure that all pages, from product descriptions to customer support, are translated into a client’s own language, helping your client navigate your site easily and efficiently. The practice of having every page and service available in a client’s language takes away the need for the client to navigate away from your site to translate or eliminates any confusion as to what you offer. Translation increases not only customer satisfaction but also your business’s visibility and potential to make money online.

2) Currencycurrency

A website that displays all prices, estimates, and invoices in a customer’s own currency makes a huge difference for a multi-currency integrate eCommerce platform. Without calculation or translation needed for pricing, international clients automatically understand your offerings and feel comfortable in your eCommerce space. Clients can navigate seamlessly through your website without having to take on the extra effort of converting currencies and exchange rates. Your customer can know for certain how much money he or she is paying and feel safe entrusting your company with his or her business.

3) Taxestaxes

With additional countries accessing your business comes a new pantheon of tax practices to factor into any sale. Don’t make your clients do the work. Rather, be sure that your eCommerce platform provides the tax calculation for them. With this feature, be certain that your client is always moving forward towards completing the purchase with the most knowledge possible.

4) Shipping

There are many factors that must be taken into account for shipping internationally, particularly for smaller companies. Additional shipping fees, customs requirements, and legal compliance must be taken into account for every order. It is often necessary to use potentially unfamiliar delivery services that are unique to a region. As longer shipping times are standard for international shipping, tracking options will give customers a sense of security. Your company can be proactive about preparing for shipping options by taking advantage of Clarity eCommerce’s robust shipping integration tools.

5) Adaptabilitycustom eCommerce

Any business has its own unique needs, but the diversity of these needs increase when expanding to an international customer base. This makes working with a customizable multilingual integrate online store platform even more advantageous. Show off why your business is worth a client going across country lines. Clarity eCommerce can tailor your eCommerce platform so that your company’s individual specialties can be highlighted and put to their maximum potential in the worldwide market.

Clarity Can Help

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