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Analytics, Tracking and Personalization for B2B eCommerce 

How to use eCommerce analytics for tracking and personalization

AnalyticsAnalytics have become a vital tool when selling and marketing online. Analytics can help you learn what your customers want and don’t want from you and improve your selling strategies. B2B  e commerce business, especially, can use analytics tools to better understand what their customers are looking for, since the lifetime value of a B2B customer is usually much greater than a B2C customer. Using a robust analytics tool can help track your customers’ behaviors, personalize your customers’ experiences, and use predictive analytics to better serve and sell to your customers.

Tracking Capabilities

The analytics software that you choose to use needs to have robust capabilities. Google Analytics, VisiStat, and Clicktale are all widely popular analytic tracking tools available. Also, many B2B eCommerce Solutions come with analytics and tracking software built in, or you could have a development company build a custom click tracking tool for your site. Tracking enables your business to gather information about its customers, what sites brought them to you, what pages they have visited, what items they have searched for, and what content they have read, just to name a few. Tracking can be used to help your B2B business personalize the information and content that is presented to the customer, predict their future behaviors, and learn from missed sales and opportunities.

Personalizing Your Customer’s Experience

Long a standard for B2C eCommerce, personalization is becoming increasing important for B2B eCommerce. Using the information that you have collected through tracking and analytics, you can show customers pertinent content and suggested products based on their recent purchases and searches. You can send personalized emails with links to articles and reviews that they might be interested in based on their history. You can also personalize your customer’s experience by offering promotions and discounts for specific items that they have viewed.

Predictive AnalyticsEmploying Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can help your forecast customer behavior and buying patterns with great accuracy based on trends and customers’ past behaviors that have been collected through tracking tools. You can use predictive analytics to help you display what a customer is searching for based on their past searches. You can also offer sales incentives that you know from past experience will get the customer to buy. Predictive analytics can also help your business to retarget customers who haven’t purchased from your eCommerce store in a while and get them interested in your products again.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we have seen firsthand the impact that analytics can make on an eCommerce business. Our team of expert developers has set up numerous analytics and click tracking systems for both our B2C and B2B clients. Our B2B eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, was built to handle the needs of B2B and has a robust analytics dashboard already built in. To find out more about analytics, tracking, and personalization for B2B eCommerce or to speak with a developer about your B2B eCommerce Development project, call or click to contact us today!