B2B eCommerce Customer Profile and Login Features


Clarity Ventures allows our clients to attend to their customers in the most effective ways possible. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to build customer loyalty is to add the ability to create a profile on your site. Adding an eCommerce customer login feature provides a way for you to make shopping at your site a personalized experience for your customer. It also provides a way for you to get updated customer data instantly, which is an incredibly valuable asset for your sales and marketing efforts.

The Appeal for Enterprise eCommerce Customers

Most of the successful eCommerce sites have a customer login and profile option. The eCommerce customer logging feature allows the customers to create their own profile, which contains their address and other contact information. This means that it is much faster and easier for them to order off the site. This encourages big sales boosting activities such as impulse buy, up selling and other activities. Making these features even better is not difficult. With good, secure server technology, you can store information such as credit card numbers and other payment options so that the customer can make purchases with the click of a mouse, rather than by having to fill out the form over and over again.

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Security With ASP.Net and .Net eCommerce

Obviously, when you have this type of information stored on your server, you need to make certain that it is very secure. To that end, professional developers that work on platforms such as ASP and .net can ensure that you are provided with some of the most solid technology on the market. Developed by Microsoft, these technologies constitute two of the most popular for developing eCommerce platforms. Among the reasons for that is the fact that they are very secure and that they are constantly maintained by the manufacturer with new updates.

Profiles for B2B eCommerce

The eCommerce customer login feature can be integrated with a profile that could be made even more sophisticated.

The eCommerce customer login feature can be integrated with a profile that could be made even more sophisticated. For example, the profile can take information such as sales data and suggest other items that the customer may be interested in. This is a feature of most of the very successful sites out there.

With a talented and creative programming team behind you, there is no limit to how much you can develop your site to suit the needs of your customers. Your customers will most certainly appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to develop a site that goes a bit beyond what the other sites offer, and that will likely be reflected in your sales figures.

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