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5 Must Haves for Your B2B’s FAQ Page 

FAQ page necessities for B2B eCommerce

QuestionsYour FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is one is the most underrated yet important pieces of content on your B2B eCommerce website. Not only does it provide your customers and potential customers with the answers to some of the most asked questions, it also houses fresh, unique content that is great for SEO. Below are five key things that your B2B eCommerce business needs to include on its site’s FAQ page.

Buying Process 

B2B businesses, especially eCommerce ones, all have their own unique way of doing things, which is why you should include questions about what the buying process is like with your specific business. Laying out an easy to understand, step by step guide will help new buyers know how to go about buying from your business and what steps they need to take next.

Customer questionsQuestions that have Actually Been Asked 

While it may seem completely obvious, it is worth noting that you need to use questions that have actually been asked. When creating your FAQ page, your customers are your greatest resource as to what questions you need to list and answer. You need to base your FAQs off questions that you customer service representatives have frequently been asked. The FAQ page also needs to be treated as a living document. If a new question pops up and keeps getting asked, you need to add it to your FAQ page to help current and future buyers find that information without having to call customer service.

Short, Concise Answers 

When visitors come to your FAQ page, they aren’t looking to read an article or blog post, they just want to find a quick answer. The questions that you list on your FAQ page need to be easy to follow and understand while your answers need to be short, direct and concise. If an answer does need to go into more depth, put the most important information first, that way if a customer is looking for a quick answer, they can easily find it.

PaymentPayment Options 

Another great piece of information to include on your B2B business’s FAQ page is the payment options that you offer. Unlike B2C eCommerce businesses that can just list all the major credit cards and PayPal, B2B businesses may offer other options such as invoicing, Purchase Orders, or checks. You might also offer custom purchasing workflows and want to include instructions on how they will go about setting them up with your business. These workflows can make buying online much easier for B2B customers, so it can be a selling point. Your FAQ page is a great place to let potential buyers easily find what their payment options are if they purchase from your business.

Shipping Information 

Another unique B2B aspect that deserves attention on your FAQ page is shipping and freight information and questions. Let customers know which carriers you use and how you charge for shipping. You should also provide a link to the page where more thorough shipping information is. Again, you may have custom options available that you can set up for individual customers, and it's a good idea to lay out some examples so new customers can see if one of them might work for them. You don’t need to list every detail about your shipping process on your FAQ page, providing them with a general idea and a useful link is the best bet.

Clarity Can Help

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