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B2B eCommerce and Personalized Buying Experiences

Why you need to create personalized experiences for your B2B buyers and how to do it

B2B eCommerceAs the eCommerce trend has continued to grow, more and more B2B buyers are expecting B2B online businesses to provide the same kind of personalized experiences that B2C eCommerce sites offer. They expect your B2B eCommerce site to be just as intuitive, searchable, and personalized as most successful B2C are. In order to ensure a satisfied, and repeat, B2B buyer, you need to create a positive and personalized buyer experience.

Benefits of Personalized Experiences

There are numerous reasons to focus on creating a personalized digital experience for your customers. For one, it creates and fosters more efficient communication. It also increases customer engagement and can accelerate the buyer’s journey. Personalization has also been shown to increase conversions. And finally it helps build customer loyalty by showing that you are listening to your customers and trying to make their jobs easier.


As you can tell, the benefits of creating personalized experiences for B2B buyers are many. From increased conversions to customer loyalty, personalized digital experiences can have a major impact on your bottom line and long term future. But how do you create a personalized experience for your buyers? Below are a few ways that you can personalize your B2B eCommerce customers’ experiences.

eCommerce AnalyticsAnalytics

Using and integrating your site analytics can benefit both you and your customers while helping you personalize their experiences. Using your seller analytics to create more specific customer categories helps you display more personalized content and show your customers promotions, products and information that are more relevant to their business needs.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is content on your site that is programmed to change depending on the viewer. Utilizing dynamic content to present relevant information based on the categorization of the user helps create a more personalized browsing and buying experience for your customers. Dynamic content can help to make your landing pages more attractive to prospective buyers and send more pertinent emails to your customers.

Mulitivariate Tools and Testing

Employing multivariate testing tools (i.e. Optimizely) to test different page setups and personalization options can help your B2B business compare various versions of emails and webpages to ensure you choose the one that leads to a better experience for your buyers. You can also use the tools to test different flows to see which one is most successful. Using A/B and multivariate testing tools to help you select the right personalization options for your B2B business and its customers enables you to provide buyers with a great digital experience.

Clarity Can Help 

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