B2B eCommerce Web Development For Global Enterprises

The eCommerce Platform Gives You Independence and the World

The advantages of a platform with international capabilities

Global Capabilities & Independence: Two Aspects of the Right Platform

Global B2B eCommerce platform Whether you need a B2B eCommerce website that can work for your international customers at this time or hope to one day grow your business to sell your goods or services globally, it is a good idea to invest in an eCommerce platform now that gives you multilingual and global capabilities. A platform with global capabilities gives your business the capacity to do business in multiple languages and various currencies. While you need your B2B eCommerce platform to satisfy your business needs, you also want to have control. Clarity’s eCommerce platform gives you the freedom to use any CMS you want while helping you sell your goods and services internationally.

Natively Global and Multilingual eCommerce Platform

Global eCommerce platformEven if you are only based in one country, why wouldn’t you want to do business globally? By using a natively global and multilingual B2B eCommerce platform, you are allowing your business prospects to grow tremendously. Our Clarity eCommerce platform enables your eCommerce site to change the language that is displayed based on where the customer is located. The Clarity eCommerce platform was also built to be able to handle customs and duties, international shipping and multicurrency. While many other eCommerce platforms don’t have to capability to just extend to global capabilities, Clarity has made it easy by having a B2B eCommerce platform that can simply turn on global and multilingual capabilities for your international customers. Clarity has been enabling B2B companies to expand their eCommerce internationally by using our natively global and multilingual eCommerce platform.

CMS Independence

 Clarity's eCommerce platform allows for something that is both simple and revolutionary at the same time: CMS independence.

Clarity’s eCommerce platform allows for something that is both simple and revolutionary at the same time: content management system (CMS) independence. CMS independence means Clarity’s eCommerce platform can be used with almost any CMS or can be utilized without a CMS. While you may think that every web development company should be offering CMS independency, Clarity is one of the few with an eCommerce platform that gives you the capability to choose which CMS you want to use with our platform. To be able to make that happen, Clarity’s eCommerce platform uses Angular and HTML CSS plus some other JavaScript functions which any content management system used for your website can handle. The Clarity eCommerce platform puts the power in your hands to be able to use any CMS that you want to use for your eCommerce website.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity has extensive experience with clients who needed international and multilingual eCommerce websites. Going international has allowed our clients to gain customers and increase their revenue. With an amazing B2B eCommerce platform and extremely experienced developers, Clarity is ready to help your B2B business go global. Call or click to contact us today!