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Are you still unsure about how you can use ERP integration for your B2B company? Read the following examples below. Each of these companies are past Clarity clients who displayed a marked improvement in their workflow after ERP integration:

B2B Integration Example: Relectric

B2B website integration example: relectric

Relectric is a premier electronic parts supplier that offers same-day shipping on over one million parts, from 22 domestic locations. Clarity deployed an ERP, shipping, and CRM integration system that would make it much easier to identify parts and communicate shipping status to customers. The parts are entered as meta data into Relectric’s CRM system, which is then synchronized directly with the website database every 30 minutes. This makes it much easier to determine which parts should be reordered, where they should be shipped, etc.

B2B Integration Example: Poolsure

B2B Integration Example: Poolsure

Poolsure is a leader in chemical treatment products for commercial aquatic facilities of all sizes – from waterparks to multifamily apartment homes. Clarity integrated a NetSuite ERP system into Poolsure’s website, which helps them manage services, warranty work, chemical needs, and more. They do all this through a custom portal that Clarity built which brings together customer CRM data with pool data and warranty information. The portal also calculates and reports on the most efficient customer routes, chemical usage trends, and more.

B2B Integration Example: The Newton Group

B2B integration example: Newton Group

The Newton Group is a purchasing alliance that brings together eye care professionals with ophthalmic suppliers. Because so many people visit their website – they work with about 2500 eye care professionals and 200 suppliers – they need a smooth interface that is well-integrated with a back-end system for managing orders. Clarity integrated their website with an ERP/CRM system, which streamlines everything from shipping to customer communication.

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